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Explorer C

I check on a daily basis on my dashboard to see the status of my application for Maintenance Supervisor in DFW and I no longer see my application on the dashboard. What happend to my application?


Re: Dashboard

Adventurer B

Maybe the position closed. I can't imagine why the whole application would be gone though instead of them just updating the status. 

Re: Dashboard

Aviator A

I don't know if this will work for you but I've seen this referenced in other forum discussions:


  1. Visit this Southwest Careers FAQ page:
  2. On that page there is a section titled "I received a confirmation email for a submitted job bid; however when I view my dashboard, the job isn’t listed. Where did it go?".  The answer to that question includes separate pages for different job categories and I think you want the one for "Aircraft Maintenance/Technical Operations (May also include administrative positions at a Maintenance base)", which takes you to this page:
  3. The top right corner of that page includes a link with this text "Returning Candidate?Log back in!".  I'd try that link

Hope this or the other parts of the FAQ page help.  Good luck!

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