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Destination 225 Application

Explorer C



I am interested in becoming a pilot via Southwest's Destination 225 program. I was gonna apply but I didn't know if I did I would be required to go or not. The only reason being I want to build a decent chunk of savings before going so that I wouldn't have to work while attending. Also, if I do apply and then I find out that I won't be able to for the start date I applied for. If that makes me less of a candidate to get admitted for another start date. If anyone the answers to these questions I would greatly appreciate the feedback. 


Re: Destination 225 Application

Frequent Flyer A

I would apply when you are ready. Like you said, there is no sense in applying and risking your spot in the program. Your head is in the right place, and I think you have a good plan. You and I both know that pilots are in demand right now, and the need will continue to be there. 😀 Good luck!