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Destination 225° Question

Explorer C

I recently applied for the program and they emailed me back saying I do not meet the qualifications. I am wondering if this is due to only having a 3rd class medical. On the flowchart it says to apply and then acquire a 1st class medical, so my question is do I need to already have the 1st class when submitting my application? Also, am I able to reapply upon getting my 1st class medical?

The email sent to me did not specify why I was denied so I am genuinely curious.




Re: Destination 225° Question


Hi, @Mbrooks2015 


Thanks for reaching out with this question and for your interest in our D225 program at Southwest Airlines! 


There are a variety of qualifications needed to move forward in the program. I would invite you to review the qualifications listed for the pathway you were pursuing at and ensure you meet those requirements. If you feel that did meet all the qualifications listed, please feel free to respond back and I'll try and direct you to someone on the Team to better assist. 


Thanks so much! 

Joanna F.