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Destination 225 during Covid

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I have applied to Destination 225 and was curious as to how the coronavirus has effected the application process. I am aware of the 3-6 month timeline, and am curious if that is still realistic or not. I would love to be accepted into the program, and was hoping to get information on timelines. 


Re: Destination 225 during Covid

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Because this is peer-to-peer in this community, I'm not sure this is the best spot for an answer, but I can try and bump this to the airline. Maybe also try DMing on social media?



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Re: Destination 225 during Covid

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@pete1721  since the impact of COVID continues to change, I would say this program is on hold indefinitely. Like all other Companies, SWA would like to anticipate a 3-6 month timeline, but how can they guarantee it? 

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Re: Destination 225 during Covid

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I took my test in January and was supposed to interview in March but was scrapped due to the pandemic. However, About 3 weeks ago I did receive an email that the interviews would resume via webex and have my scheduled in the next couple of weeks. So, not sure if that answers your question, but I am hopeful that classes start up by January ‘21

Re: Destination 225 during Covid

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Hi  @CoachO1981 ,  


Have you been through the interview yet?

I received a notice for my interview a few weeks ago and scheduled my interview at the beginning of September. If you have been through the interview, do you mind sharing how the interview process is?


Thank you