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Dispatcher/Flight Operations Qualifications

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I've always had a strong passion for aviation and began my career a couple of years ago when I started my double major at Texas State Technical College. My main career goal is and always has been to become a dispatcher at Southwest Airlines. I've visited the NOC multiple times in college while President of my Aviation Fraternity and immediately knew that Southwest is where I want to be. I'm currently dispatching for a Part 135 charter company and have built what I considered a competitive resume to work as a dispatcher, let alone any position in ops. I'm aware that the application process is VERY competitive as I've been applying to multiple openings over the past year, many times the day they have been posted and still have yet to have my resume seen by a human being. 


Can someone in the People department please outline what kind of experience/degrees/etc. that you look for in a candidate for the floor of the NOC? Or perhaps take a look at my resume below and suggest some education/experience/training that can help me build a competitive edge? Any help would be appreciated. I want nothing more than to build experience in Part 121 operations with Southwest. 


Thanks so much! I look forward to hearing from you.





Texas State Technical College (Waco, TX)

Graduated: April 30, 2018

Dual Major - GPA: 3.5

Associates of Applied Science in Aircraft Dispatch Technology

Associates of Applied Science in Air Traffic Control



FAA Flight Attendant Date of Issue: June 1, 2018

FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Date of Issue: August 16, 2017


I am an FAA certified aircraft dispatcher and strong operations professional seeking a career with a major airline in which to utilize my unique skill set and passion for aviation. I have a demonstrated history of excellence in the aviation industry and am excited to begin another adventure in Part 121 operations. 


Applicable Work Experience
Western Airways - (Sugar Land, TX) (KSGR)
-Flight Coordinator (September 2018 - Present)
· Dispatching on demand private jet charters departing from Sugar Land Regional Airport in accordance with the highest industry safety standards in Part 135 operations nationwide
· Assisting in domestic/international flight planning while generating and executing complex trip itineraries provided by customers 
· Utilizing multiple computer programs, including JetInsight, to provide live tracking and flight coordination services such as crew scheduling, coordination with maintenance personnel, and the arrangement of all passenger and crew accommodations
· Demonstrated continuous company growth with a small operations team by building business relations in a competitive nationwide market and personally securing over $1,750,000 in charter sales within the first year of employment


Mesa Airlines - American Eagle (Dallas, TX) (KDFW)

-Flight Attendant (May 2018 - September 2018)
· Oversaw passenger safety during each phase of flight by ensuring compliance with all FAA regulations
· Obtained valuable experience as an in-flight crew member to better understand the airline industry from a different perspective 
· Provided excellent customer service to valued passengers


BlueSky Helicopter Tours/Night Flight Concepts (Waco, TX) (KCNW)
-Flight Coordinator (January 2017-March 2018)
· Dispatched Part 135 helicopter tours departing from TSTC Waco Airport and maintained radio contact during flight from ground station
· Marshalled passengers to and from aircraft while ensuring safety of all operations during special events and tours


Re: Dispatcher/Flight Operations Qualifications

Aviator A
Hi Nicholas,

As a Southwest customer I LUV your enthusiasm! There are Southwest folks on the threads but most of the responses you'll see are from customers and other prospective employees like you.

If I were in your shoes I'd also leverage my network to try to help make connections, to include third party sites like LinkedIn.

You may also want to edit your post to remove your personal information like your email address and your certificate/license information.

Good luck!

Customer | Home airport DCA

Re: Dispatcher/Flight Operations Qualifications

Explorer C

Thanks for your response! Great idea about removing the license numbers.


Much LUV!

Re: Dispatcher/Flight Operations Qualifications

Explorer C

Hello Nicholas,


Glad to see a fellow TSTC graduate! I’m a current dispatcher with Southwest Airlines. I think the best way to improve your chances is to get some Part 121 dispatch experience under your belt. It could be at a regional, cargo carrier, or a 121 supplemental operation of some type. In the past two classes, all the externals that were hired have had at least two years of Part 121 experience, and it seems about half of them have held either manager positions or training positions at their respective operations. I myself had 4 1/2 years of both passenger and cargo dispatch experience before I was given a chance.


Have you considered going the internal route? It’s definitely a good way in and I think your 135 experience would help you out there. But also keep in mind that the internal pathway is extremely competitive...I’ve met quite a few employees who have their licenses. 


Sorry for the somewhat late response, and if you have any questions feel free to send them my way. Also good luck on the current round of hiring!


- 747Spatcher

Dispatcher | KDAL | Headquarters