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Eligibility for employment

Explorer C

Hello! Last year I applied for the ELDP position. I made it all the way to the first in person interview in Dallas. I was not chosen. I do know that there was a lot of applicants. I applied again for the same position this year plus many more and have not gotten chosen on any application. I was not told that I was uneligible to apply for any future job openings but was starting to think that maybe I did something wrong in that interview that now I am not a canadit to be considered for any position. Is there some way that I can find out if I did something or said something wrong that now Soutwest will not consider me? Thank you!


Re: Eligibility for employment


Hi @teemduck1,


Thank you for your continued interest in Southwest Airlines! I can assure you that nothing that you would have said in an interview would effect future applications. We encourage you to continue applying to any roles for which you are interested and qualified. Best of luck!


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