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Email Stalker

Explorer B

This process is daunting, I am officially an email stalker. I’ve never checked my email so much in my life. Patience is a virtue that I lack apparently. 

I did get my background cleared Friday. What should I expect next? 



Re: Email Stalker

Frequent Flyer B

4/29 I received an email that started my "employee screening" - drug testing info.

Took 3 weeks to get next email 


5/19 Email that employee screening was completed and moving towards onboarding. There was no links, and no work to do on my part but to wait. The email stated I would be contacted by a recruiting coordinator, a single contact person that I would be working through onboarding. 


5/23 Email from Rec Coor. I now had 1 point of contact to answer any questions. Recruiting Coor  was filing in any information the company still needed to receive, and could respond within 24hrs to my questions. This 1st email was the official offer to be signed and returned. Make sure you screenshot or write down your start date, left top corner of your letter. Once you sign your part I couldn't figure out how to get back to, had my Coor send it to me for records.


-From 5/23-till present 5/31 emails come more frequently 


Good luck! KEEP stalking your emails like it's your J O B! 😄 We have all done it. 



Re: Email Stalker

Frequent Flyer A

Expect to stalk your work email now. It's a never ending cycle lol. First day info will come by the Friday before your start (at the latest). Good luck and welcome to the fam!