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Re: Employee parking Houston Hobby


Hi everyone,


To answer @Gunit 's question about Employees paying for parking in Houston: It is true, and this is actually the case for all roles at all airports as negotiated in their union contracts. This is a valid and fair question, and I apologize for not stepping in with an answer sooner. 


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Re: Employee parking Houston Hobby

Explorer A

Thank you very much. Appreciate it. 


Explorer C

In no way do I want to "be heated", but I just thought I'd check back to this post.


#Vegas is not a better experience than it was before when parking was free at every casino even the Bellagio. That's just me, though i haven't heard anyone saying they like the paid parking vs. the "old" days. It definitely has changed my behavior. I used to like to rent a car and go to red rocks, hoover dam, etc. to keep the variety of activities up. Now I uber to the strip and stay fewer days.


4 queens is an experience with all the characters around, but I typically stay overnight on the strip. Maybe I'll try downtown sometime. Resort fees are so lame/weak that it is being legislated to stop them and have more transparent, voluntary pricing. You can't exactly opt out of the value add like you can flying the airlines. But if you like and appreciate those fees, that's ok, I've just never been a fan.


As far as the employee parking goes, longtime Southwest flight attendants told me about it and I took them for their word. I was just blown away at that. I always considered Southwest extremely generous. It has good drink selections, sends birthday cards with comps, and my last playing card set I got sitting on a plane was on a Southwest flight.


I LOVE BAGS FLY FREE! I think it definitely works for me. I don't want to think about all the silly fees and upcharges at the other airlines. Now Southwest is in Hawaii and why would you consider Hawaiian with those obnoxious bag fees? I'm sure this will go away soon enough. Perhaps when Kelly leaves. I remember when JetBlue didn't charge. It was great. Then they kicked the CEO out so they could nickel and dime on the baggage. Poor Barger. Poor customers.


It is a pity, and a little petty, that parking to work at an airport in Texas would have to be negotiated in a contract with the unions, but I'll say Southwest has a history of being fiscally conservative. So at least it isn't a mystery, albeit shameless. I don't think any Hobby Southwest employee would be upset if they had comped parking. But i do admit there are some things I can't understand. Nuts!