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Employee referral - unable to locate in system

Explorer C

Hi All,


I struck a conversation and in-flight friendship with a flight attendant in DEC 2022 on the DEN to BZN leg of my trip and learned all about how SWA has welcomed all of their family into the SWA family as flight attendants. I was so moved by their passion, respect and enthusiasm for SWA, that I asked if SWA was hiring. It is, after all, my FAV way to travel and purchase using my SWA credit card! Because the flight was so short (1hr 14min), I was unable to obtain their contact information but gave them my business card in hopes that when I applied, I could include them as the reason I applied (a referral). They so inspired me to move forward with the employment process, that I immediately created a profile and now have an application in queue and under consideration! As a retired international educator from higher education, I recognize loyalty when I see it and truly hope to give this person the recognition they deserve for naturally recruiting another passionate traveler to the SWA family! How do I go about doing so?


Thank you for any and all guidance/suggestions you are able to provide. :).....*Eleanor "El"


Re: Employee referral - unable to locate in system

Aviator C

@elinglis  The employee referral program needs to be detailed. The information you provided doesn’t say much about anything. 

SWA Passenger, Community Champion