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Hey guys. 

So I have my Master’s in Public Relations and I’ve been really wanting to get into the airline industry. Can you tell me what the first step would be in the process of becoming a flight attendant? 

Do I just find an attendant job I am insterested in and then apply? Do I need flight attendant training or school before applying? 


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Well i am excited for you. I actually went to a training class to learn the details of the flight attendant training though not needed it was very insightful. Learn your Airline /Airport Codes , FAA Regulations and Safety Regulations plus First Aid/CPR/AED Certification . Have Passport ready and when the postions comes open you will be prepared for their training. Good Luck.😄

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@britmomo  SWA will train you if selected to be a FA. As long as you put safety and people first, believe in service, and love to travel during your interview, actual “training” before applying is not mandatory.


Click on the link below to sign up and be notified when the FA role does post.


Good luck! 

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