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Southwest Airlines Community

Exploring Opportunities for Growth and international Remote Work at Southwest Airlines

Explorer B

Dear Southwest Airlines Community,

As a passionate Southwest Airlines Customer Service Agent (CSA), I have always cherished the opportunity to be part of this incredible company. Southwest Airlines has been more than just a job to me; it's been a dream I've aspired to conquer.

Recently, I've found myself contemplating a move, but I'm faced with the dilemma of not wanting to lose my position here at Southwest. I believe in the company, its values, and the exceptional service we provide, and I'm eager to continue growing within the organization.

I'm reaching out to inquire if there are opportunities within Southwest Airlines for remote work or virtual roles. Perhaps there's a position where I can contribute as a virtual instructor or in a corporate capacity that allows for remote work flexibility. I am not just remote, but I mean remote from anywhere in the world because my plan is to move abroad in a couple years. It could be five years. It could be 10 I just wanna start preparing for that. do you hear about Southwest gets great opportunities and wants to see their employees grow and I truly do believe in that and I want to believe that they could accommodate my life and dreams with SW

If anyone within our community has experience or knowledge regarding such opportunities at Southwest Airlines, I would be immensely grateful for any insights or advice you can provide.

Thank you for your support and guidance as I navigate this exciting chapter in my career journey with Southwest Airlines.