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I am trying to apply for Dallas Flight attendant as I had seen a job posting a few days ago...And went to the site and can no longer find it! Any ideas on where I can apply for that position through the website? 🙂


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I personally haven’t heard of any recent FA job application openings. I know a lot of times when someone searches for a given job it will show old job postings maybe that’s what you saw? 


The best place to see current job openings is on the  Southwest career site  this will show open jobs that you can apply for. You can also join the Talent Community  this will email you when jobs that you are interested in are available for applying.


Hope this helps


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If you scroll to the bottom part of the careers web site there is a category for "Flight Attendants and Inflight Operations", clicking takes you to the following page but there aren't any jobs posted there as of right now:

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