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Re: F2F interview

New Arrival

Have you heard anything yet on your interview if your hired or not?

Re: F2F interview

New Arrival

Well, I thought it went well, but I got my email today that I was not selected at this time.  I will keep trying for other positions though!  Good luck to the rest of you interviewees!  🙂

Re: F2F interview

Active Member

I know that's disappointing news but don't give up!

I've literally been trying to join the Southwest Family for 30 years but always seem to end up at one of those other airlines instead. However, I keep trying because I know that Southwest is more than just a job, it's a passion!

If Southwest is where you see your future, I recommend that you keep applying for jobs that fit your qualifications and interests. Good luck to you!

P.S.- I've had a few of those "so sorry" e-mails in the past year so I know you're pain.