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FA Application complete, or not complete?

Explorer C

Please help me. I have been at this watching waiting updating since 10:00PM pacific time.  I had many issues with applying due to SWA system errors. I received an email that my app was started.  Through many more system errors I finally completed the app and questions. on the application window screen, which I printed, stated "your application was submitted succesfully", but I did not get an email stating that. I logged out of my profile, logged back in and it states I have not applied for any positions???

I have photos of the different stages going through the process.


Re: FA Application complete, or not complete?

Explorer A


  you should be good to go, same thing happened to me it shows that I am good to go.  I dont think that you will get an email saying that you applied.. but i went back in and clicked on the flight attendant position again and it said that i have already applied for that position.  So we should be good to go. good luck to you