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FA Tattoo Policy Inquiry

Explorer C

Hello, I heard that there is a change to the tattoo policy for FAs but I can’t find an official statement from SWA on this anywhere. I’ve heard that FAs can also wear nose piercings as well. My specific question, is it acceptable for FAs to have a visible finger tattoo in uniform now? 


Re: FA Tattoo Policy Inquiry

Adventurer C

The guidelines from January state:

Flight Attendants must meet the Uniform Appearance Standards as well. The items noted below are examples and not an exhaustive list of the Standards.
 No more than two pairs of earrings are permitted, and if worn, must be placed in the earlobe and may not exceed 1” in diameter (size of a quarter). Hoops and drop earrings are permitted, provided they do not extend more than 2” below the bottom of the ear lobe.
 Visible body and facial piercings are not permitted, e.g. eyebrows, nose, earlobe plugs/gauges, lips, tongues
 Tattoos cannot be visible. All tattoos must be appropriately covered by pants, long sleeve shirts, hair, makeup, or scarf.
 Makeup should be professional, conservative and complement the uniform and the Employee’s complexion. Eccentric, exaggerated or trendy cosmetic styles and colors are prohibited.