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FA application

Explorer C

I recently applied to FA position on 1/23/23 it has been a month since my application. Currently my application is still "In process" status and I was wondering how long does it take to hear back from Southwest's recruitment team?


Re: FA application

Aviator A

Re: FA application


Hey, @trannam1302 


We received many, many applications to our Flight Attendant posting last month, and our Inflight Recruiting Team is actively reviewing applications in order to set up chats and interviews with Candidates. There were many Candidates, and it may take some time (even months!) to hear back from our Team, but we'll get you an update and invitation to discuss the opportunity further with one of our Recruiters just as quickly as can be! 


We appreciate your patience in the process, and we're very thankful for your interest in the Southwest Family! Best of luck!