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FA application

Explorer A



I submitted my application for the FA position back in February. I know that there was an overwhelming number of applicants to apply. Do you know where they are in the process? What start date are they looking to hire for? #Love #Live #Laugh Heart


Re: FA application

Frequent Flyer C


Glad you applied.  I just completed the phone interview -- yes they are working hard to get all the application reviewed.  Face to face is the next step which could be several months out and then training maybe a several weeks after my knowledge a hire date has not been posted.

Keep checking in on the community!


Re: FA application

Adventurer C

It all depends on when they process your application! There are already a few classes that are ready for training. If you pass through the interview process and recieve an offer, they'll let you know what class you'll be in and the start date for training for that class! 

Re: FA application

Explorer A

Thank you for the update. I know that there was an overwhelming number of applicants. Congratulations!!! to all that have already moved forward in the process. I am excited to hear that things are moving. I am praying, patiently waiting and believing as well.