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Face to face interview

New Arrival


I applied for flight attendant in February and had my phone interview in May.  I was fortunate enough to get a call back that said I was moving forward to the face to face interview and I should be hearing from somebody in the next 2 to 3 months to schedule my face to face.  It has been just a little over the three months and have not heard anything.  I'm sure things are backed up from all the applicants but I was just wondering if there was a new estimated time I could expect a phone call.


Re: Face to face interview

Rising Star

@melishacordoba keep in mind that there are thousands of very talented candidates SWA is currently reviewing. Have you checked your dashboard? 


I know it’s hard, but patience is very important during this process. In will need to practice patience on a regular basis as a flight attendant. Perhaps you might be able to use patience as a strength you have during an interview?  😀


Good luck to you! 


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