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First Officer - job posting

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I have applied to the last 8 First Officer job openings with Southwest Airlines including the most recent that is still open.  The oldest 4 are listed with the status "Closed Complete" and the latest 4 are listed with the status "Received Submission".  


Two days after applying to the current opening I received an email from Southwest stating "After careful consideration of all information you provided, you were not selected at this time from the most recent hiring window. You are welcome to reapply during the current hiring window which is open now until August 31, 2018"   


Is this email stating that I have not been selected for the current window that I just applied for and is still open?  That is what it sounds like to me, but my confusion is that the email then invites me to apply again to the same window.  If needed I can provide additional information about my application to assist in looking up its status.


Thanks in advance for your help and guidance.


-J Jackson


Re: First Officer - job posting


Hi @JJackson,


Thank you for your continued interest in a Career at Southwest Airlines, and we apologize for any confusion. That email would have been associated with one of your previous applications, not the current one. Best of luck!


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