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First week training hours.

Explorer C

Hello I start soon as a ramp agent on 11/28/22 and I’m excited.

I was just wondering what the hours are on the first week.  Do we still get weekends off during classroom training?


Just asking so I can accommodate at my current job. 


Re: First week training hours.

Adventurer A

Congrats and Welcome to the SWA Team. When I started I had two days at my airport of computer training. After my computer training I was paired up with a trainer. When you are paired up with a trainer you will follow his/her start time and days off. If you are worried about days off and start times, I would email your station manager or contact person at your station that you have been in communication with for those details. Remember to ask any and all questions while on the ramp. The ramp is a busy place with a lot of moving pieces and safety is number one for you, your fellow employees and any and all equipment. Keep your head on a swivel and be SAFE!  Start studying those city codes if you can. There are a couple of ramp employees for SWA on here and post any and all questions you may have and we will try and answer them.