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Flight Attendant - Application status

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I applied for the flight attendant position when it opened up on 2/5/2018. When I login to the Dashboard, it still shows "received submission." Is there a time frame for when I will hear back? Or any way I could speed up this process? I am excited to move forward with this opportunity and any help/tips are greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance! 


Re: Flight Attendant - Application status

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Southwest has received a ton of applications to be a flight attendant so because there were so many applications it will take time I know it's been awhile but the good news is your still in the running for the job so just hang tight and keep checking back from time to time as they are still going through the applications. 


Hopefully they will update you soon!


Re: Flight Attendant - Application status

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     Well, unfortunately there's nothing more you can do to speed it up. BUT - Since you still show "received submission" and not "closed complete", you are still set to be reviewed. Also, they are processing in order based on when you sub'd your application. So if it was later in the day on 2/5 when you sub'd, it could take a bit.


Seriously, hang in there! And sincerely best of luck!


Ian L.