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Flight Attendant Application

Explorer C

Hi there Southwest team, 


I am trying really hard with the application portal. I’ve been trying again and again for almost two hours. I am unfortunately having numerous issues over and over again. This is not coming from a place of anger just concern! Very hopeful for this job. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to fix the issue and get my application through. 



Re: Flight Attendant Application

Aviator A



A moderator posted on another thread to keep refreshing. The site is functional just running slow and the deadline will be 6pm Central now. 



Re: Flight Attendant Application

Explorer C

Any hints or direct links.  Getting internal server error and service unavailable every time.


Thank you

Re: Flight Attendant Application

Explorer C

I’ve been trying for two hours now and it’s not only slow but CONTINUOUSLY giving me errors upon accessing the candidates profile I have gotten error after error I’ve been reloading for two hours on multiple devices on and off WiFi . And still nothing , I don’t believe it’s fair they haven’t extended the deadline or giving a work around yet for the people who haven’t had luck getting through. I’ve been waiting this job for as long as I can remember and this is the most disheartening thing I’ve experienced in this field. 

Re: Flight Attendant Application

Explorer C

Same thing with me. It will eventually load, allow me to log in, but the log in takes me back to the temporarily unavailable page. I have a showtime in an hour and will be broken hearted if I'm unable to submit my application due to technical issues.