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Flight Attendant Job Follw- Up

Explorer C

Hi all,

     I applied for the flight attendant position (Dallas) in February, and still have not received an e-mail or phone this normal? Does anyone know if it could be months before I’m contacted, or should I contact Southwest? I would appreciate the help:)



Re: Flight Attendant Job Follw- Up

Frequent Flyer C



thank you for your post... from reviewing the information on the community this is the 'normal' route for FA Class 18-19.  There are a number of us FA hopefuls on the community on a regular basis -- I know I will post -- some encouraging words once contacted....that might be in a few days or months.


again thank you for your post and enjoy the sw community -- there are some great posts.


Re: Flight Attendant Job Follw- Up

Explorer A

SWA went through all applications from 2016 before posting the Feb 2018 F/A could be sometime before getting the 1st call.  I hope this helps.  It's worth the wait.