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Flight Attendant Job

Explorer C

Hi there, I am currently in the process of making a career switch and am interested in becoming a flight attendant for Southwest. I have been checking their website for a flight attendant application for the past 2 years and unfortunately missed their hiring slot in September. This is my dream job and I would like the chance to pursue it.  Do you know when Southwest will be hiring again? I've heard from some flight attendants that they won't hire again for 2 years and others have said they will be hiring again this year. Any information would be helpful. Thank you in advance! 


Re: Flight Attendant Job

Frequent Flyer A

You never can tell when they'll take on FA's. Unfortunately, you have to be lightning fast when the posting pops up, *if* it pops up. Good luck and sign up for alerts on the careers page. 

Re: Flight Attendant Job

Adventurer B

I know two FA classes just graduated because one of my Disney coworkers was in the most recent class, so it may be a while. If you haven't already, create a job alert on the careers page.