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Flight Attendant Opening

New Arrival

I had gone on the Southwest Website the 1st of February and read through the application process.  At that time there were no open Flight Attendant Positions open so I followed the instructions to be alerted of all current openings as they were listed.  I never received any information on this opening and now have missed the deadline.  I am terribly disappointed.  What is the most efficient way to be made aware of any future openings?


Toni Nadal


Re: Flight Attendant Opening

New Arrival

Same thing happened to me! I'm signed up to be alerted and received alerts for so many other openings with Southwest, yet NO ALERT for Flight Attendant openings which is the ONE I signed up for! Disappointing that the technology does not actually work.  


Did ANYONE get an alert from Southwest that the F/A position would be opening?