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Flight Attendant/Resume/Apply/Career Change

Explorer C

Hello all...once again, lol.

I posted a blog earlier and well unfortunalty  I was not able to read a post/reply to my question.  Therefore...I am writting another.

I am in need of some guidance with how to go about applying for a Flight Attendant position or even submitting my resume. Does the position have to be open and available in order for you to submit your resume? Do you have to check daily for opeinings or will you be sent a notification via email when a position is open related to your interest? 

Please contact me at aka bkhargis07atgmaildotcom. 

I appreciate all who can give me some guidance. 

Thank You 


Re: Flight Attendant/Resume/Apply/Career Change

Aviator C

@flybkmh77 yes, the position needs to be posted before you can apply. I’m sure you can imagine how much interest there is in this position. Have you set up your dashboard with SW? If not, you should. 


My advice to you is that if you are serious about being a FA with SW, it’s not a question of if you have to check for the posting daily, it’s a “I want to” check daily. With that being said though, you can sign up to be notified on the link below:


Also- For privacy reasons, you should edit your post and remove your email address. The dashboard is the best way to communicate until SW reaches out to the hopeful candidate. 

SWA Passenger, Community Champion