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Flight Attendant - Second Round 2019 ?

Explorer C

Well LUV Team, I did it! I officially “pulled the trigger” and put in my retirement paperwork after serving over 30 years in the Air Force. Now, on to my next adventure and my dream job as a SWA Flight Attendant (apparently I didn’t get to travel enough in the AF ).

With a retirement date of May 2020, I’m starting the process now, as we’ve all heard, the process can take some time. I’ve done my due diligence to be ready for anything. I’ve over researched, signed up with the Talent Community, submitted my resume and I’m receiving job opportunities regularly. My passport is up-to-date and ready to fly, my CPR is recent, my background check should be breeze and my desire/excitement and motivation to make this dream a reality is through the roof!

I realize I missed the Feb 2019, FA window but that might have been a little to early anyway. I’m guessing applications are accepted only once a year (researching past trends) and that Feb 2020 maybe the next opportunity. However, I’m wondering if there is ever a second hiring event later in the year or does it take so long to get through the Feb applications, that once a year is all the hiring staff can accommodate? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to meeting Fun Luving people and following the Blogs and Discussion on this site. Hoping to see you in the future.  Tyler


Re: Flight Attendant - Second Round 2019 ?

Aviator C

@TylerH I don’t know the answer to your question, however it appears you have some great experience behind you, and you have the right attitude. Congratulations on your upcoming retirement.


Good luck to you, and hopefully we will see you on a SWA flight one day in the future. 

SWA Passenger, Community Champion