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Flight Attendant Submission 02/2018

Explorer C
Good Morning,
My name is Ashley Lee and I had been waiting enthusiastically for months for a Flight Attendant position to open, and when it opened February 5th 2018 I was so excited and made sure I applied. Unfortunately it's been 7 months and haven't had any correspondence regarding the position. It's been my dream to work for Southwest and have an opportunity to work for the company.  I was reaching out to get help or information regarding my application. I've recieved a confirmation email I applied, but no further action or updates. Is there anyone that can advise, or look into my application status please?
Thank you in advance,
Future Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant, Ashley Lee

Re: Flight Attendant Submission 02/2018

Aviator C

@FutureFA what is the status of your application on the dashboard? Unless the dashboard says “no longer in consideration”, you are still in a good spot.  I’m sure you are aware that there are thousands of eager applicants who also want to be a FA. It takes time (months) to go through everyone’s application to find the perfect fit.  Now is a good time to practice patience and continue to educate yourself on what it takes to be an FA with SWA. 


Good luck, and I hope you do hear something soon. 



SWA Passenger, Community Champion

Re: Flight Attendant Submission 02/2018


Hi @FutureFA,


Thank you for your interest in a Career at Southwest Airlines! Unfortunately, due to the number of applications that we receive, we cannot provide a specific update on each individual application. However, you can find application updates on the specific Inflight dashboard here.


Due to the overwhelming number of applications we received when the Flight Attendant position was posted in February, it is taking longer than normal to complete the process. Applications will be reviewed in the order which they were received. We appreciate your continued patience through this process!


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