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Flight Attendant status

Explorer C

I submitted my application for Flight Attendant, I have checked by Dashboard and my application is not there, though I did received confirmation that it was received.  Does this mean I was not considered for the Flight Attendant position?


Patiently waiting,



Re: Flight Attendant status

Explorer C 


Try logging into this one instead. Hope this helps!

Re: Flight Attendant status

Frequent Flyer C


hi 2018 Fa hopeful....double check you are on the dashboard for fa inflight... I have mixed this one up myself..hope to meet you in the fa class


Re: Flight Attendant status

Adventurer C

Good Morning to EVERYONE!!!!!

I just want to encourage everybody to stay in Faith and keep a positive attitude throughout this process!!! I know it’s stressful wanting and waiting to know what’s going on with the status of the FA positions!! But the crew members know what they doing and let’s just keep a positive mind. Honestly I’m anxious to get some type of information to the next step!! But patience is a virtue!! Thanks and have a great day!!!