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Flight Attendant

Explorer C

I just got the official invitation for Flight Attendant training!!!! I'm super excited and thankful to be apart of this amazing company. 

It says I'm apart of the training class 419pm, does that mean that's when my class will start everyday? 


Re: Flight Attendant

Aviator A



First off Congratulations on making it to the training phase for becoming a Flight Attendant!


While I'm not sure if your class will start at 4:19pm every day my guess is that you are the 419th PM class. I do think it would be an interesting start time though. 


Good Luck with training!


Re: Flight Attendant

Aviator C

Congrats @Kellyyycassady!  You will do great! Good luck during training, and I hope to see you on a future flight soon. Best wishes during your new career path with SWA. 

SWA Passenger, Community Champion