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Flight Attendant

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I am looking for a career change so I recently applied for the Flight Attendant position in Oakland, CA. on May 13, 2021.  Before applying I reviewed the qualifications to determine if this would be a good fit.  After speaking with several acquaintances that are employed at SouthWest it was encouraging to hear them say what a great company SouthWest is and that I should apply.  After successfully submitting my application along with my resume it was very disturbing to receive an email on May 17, 2021 indicating that the information I submitted did not meet the minimum requirement for this role and that they will not be moving forward with my application at this time.   Can someone please explain what the minimum requirements are?  Maybe I missed something.  I am a college graduate with a BS in Business Management and I've been in the banking industry for 30 years.   I'm not sure I understand what minimum requirement I did not meet.  I've been trying to contact someone at your career center with no luck.   Please let me know who I should reach out to.  Thank you 




Re: Flight Attendant

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Are you a California resident? If not you would not qualify for the position even if you are willing to relocate.