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Flight Attendants Chicago

Explorer C

I assume because Midway Airport in Chicago is an Innovation Center for SW that Chicago would be a city Flight Attendants could live in and fly from for work. Is that true? I would love to work for SW and live in Chicago as a Flight Attendant.


Re: Flight Attendants Chicago

Aviator B

Q: Where will I be based after training?
A: Our current Flight Attendant bases are in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Orlando, Oakland and Phoenix. Bases are assigned during Initial training, dependent upon the operational needs of the Company and seniority within the training class.
Q: Will I be able to change bases during probation?
A: When a base opening becomes available (vacancies), they are awarded based upon Flight Attendant seniority under the collective bargaining agreement. There is no limit to how many times a Flight Attendant can bid to change bases, while on probation.
Q: How long will it take me to transfer to the base that I prefer?
A: It varies depending on the operational needs of the Company and Flight Attendant seniority. A transfer could occur within a year, or it could take much longer to be awarded a preferred base.
Q: Does Southwest Airlines pay for me to relocate to the base that I am assigned to?
A: Any relocation costs are at the Flight Attendants own expense.
Q: Will I be able to commute to the base I am assigned?
A: Commuting is allowed, but it is not encouraged. Southwest Flight Attendants have very strict attendance requirements and expectations. Also, keep in mind commuting takes time away from your personal life; your three-day trip into potentially five days of travel, while only getting paid for the three days of trip assignments.