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Flight attendant interview

Explorer C


I am awaiting my in person interview to become an FA. Is there anyone who has been through the interview able to give me advice, tips, and things that will be said and should be said? I’m super nervous/excited but don’t want to mess up as I am very eager to for SW as an inflight employee. 
Anything is greatly appreciated to ease and make me more confident about the position. 

Thank you


Re: Flight attendant interview

Adventurer C

Most important thing I can tell you about ANY interview at SW is to be yourself, let your personality shine. They will know if you are the right choice at the right time. 
keep on shining!!

Re: Flight attendant interview

Frequent Flyer B

Study up on interviewing skills, it will get you in the mind set of thinking about all the good you have to offer. My sweet recruiter sent me links to YouTube videos about mock interviews, SUPER helpful. Have and practice some answers to normal interview questions. Practice in the mirror aloud, to your family, to your  friends, to the cashier at Target, to anyone that will listen, how amazing and perfect you are for the job. I had to practice, not rambling ( like I do in my post obvi), staying on topic, bring my answer always back to some skill that would benefit, and  actually answering the question.


Good luck, be yourself, listen to happy music right before, and enjoy yourself in the opportunity.