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Flight attendant positions

Explorer C


I am looking to start a career as a flight attendant with SWA! I can’t find any positions for any job on the page and was wondering how i could apply for this job! Thank you 




Re: Flight attendant positions

Aviator A

Due to the COVID19 pandemic air travel has taken a major hit because of this airlines including Southwest have more staff than they need right now because of this Southwest currently has a hiring freeze so right now FA applications are not being taken and I don’t expect any positions to open up anytime soon. You could sign up for the talent community on the careers website that way when a position opens up they will send you an email hat way you can then go online and submit your application. 



Re: Flight attendant positions

Explorer C

I had applied for the same as flight attendant on the various location but they are not taking new intern application for now as they have mentioned in their data.


looking for the same as flight attendant position intern. let me also have update regarding this .             


Thanks in advance 

restiRe: Flight attendant positions

Aviator A

anyone interested in interning should just read this: