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Flight attendant posting and lost of hearing

Explorer C

I applied for the Flight attentdant position with Southwest and made it to the face to face interview and did not get in. ( Bummer!!) BUT, I will try again and again until I get in.  But my concern is that in both of my ears, I am deaf and wear hearing aids. And I have a what is called a deaf voice but at my current career which is being a Cast Member with Walt Disney World, it has helped improve my voice and speech tremendously. 


My question is, can I be able to fulfill  my dream to become a Flight attendant with Southwest Airlines despite my being deaf with a deaf voice? 


My second question is: When wil the next posting for Flight Attendant be? And how do I sign up for email alerts for Flight attendant and Customer Service agent postings?


Re: Flight attendant posting and lost of hearing

Aviator B

Here is some information that may be helpfull.


Not sure anyone here can give you that answer. Here is something you can do.


The last opening for a Flight Attendant job was 2/5/18 and now is closed.

"In order to remain consistent in our hiring practices and to be fair to all applicants, they only accept applications for a specific position, and only when the job listing is active on the Careers page."

The flight attendant positions would only be listed under the city of Dallas Texas, the Southwest Airlines main headquarters.

The best thing you can do is set up a profile to be notified when jobs become available here

See current job openings at Southwest Airlines here Careers page
Good Luck!

Re: Flight attendant posting and lost of hearing

Frequent Flyer A

For your information, there is nothing in the Federal Air Regulations that prohibits a flight attendant from being hard of hearing.

Part 91.533 of the FARs covers flight attendant requirements and says:

No person may serve as a flight attendant on an airplane when required by paragraph (a) of this section unless that person has demonstrated to the pilot in command familiarity with the necessary functions to be performed in an emergency or a situation requiring emergency evacuation and is capable of using the emergency equipment installed on that airplane.

Therefore, any decision on whether or not to hire a hard of hearing flight attendant is solely up to the respective airline. I honestly don't know how the ADA applies to safety-related positions.

Follow @franktravel advice and set up a profile so that you can be notified of Southwest opportunities. And check the Southwest Jobs page often!

Good luck to you. I'm sure you'd be a real asset to Southwest in any Hospitality position.