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Flight attendant question

New Arrival

My question is, do flight attendants have to be available weekends when the start... or weekends ever? I can’t work weekends for religious reasons but I’m very interested in this career. Is that a conflict? Or is there a way around it? Besides that I’m always available and flexible! No family responsibilities... 
looking forward to your response, 

thank you. 


Re: Flight attendant question

Top Contributor

Hi. You may not be aware that this is a customer to customer forum, so you are not getting directly involved with the company here.


Go SW Careers website. You'll be able to ask your question there.


Be aware that SW has imposed a hiring freeze due to so few planes in the air due to so few people flying. No one knows when the freeze might be lifted, but I personally would be surprised if it is lifted before the end of the year. Good luck!