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Foreign pilots

New Arrival

Hi there,


new here.


Just wondering does anyone have any information about southwest hiring non American citizen pilots? I can't seem to find anything online.  I am Irish based in London flying 737-800. Would have the hours requirements before applying 


Thanks in advance,




Re: Foreign pilots

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Hello Dean.


Since this is a customer forum, I can only give my personal opinion.


I'd be surprised if SW would not consider a qualified foreign pilot that meets not only the requirements to pilot an aircraft, but also the requirements to work in the US.


 Here's information about the requirements. I believe information on how to apply is included in a link near the bottom of the page.


Good luck!



Re: Foreign pilots

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Hi  Deantmurphy,


Here is Soul, I am from Germany and I saw your post.


I would appreciate to know if you have found out any further information on how to apply for the first officer position in Southwest Airlines.

I have also the requirement and flying at the moment B777 but would like to know if there is any way on how to get a job and apply for this position


Would appreciate any inputs.



Kind regards



Re: Foreign pilots

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Go for it guys, we need more "qualified" pilots....