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Freight Sales position

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Hi People Department! I am former employee, Bryan Alldaffer! Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding I thought I was on a leave of absence but instead I signed a resignation with rehire. No worries. I did a walk a mile day in Phoenix AZ in the sales department. We called on current and prospective folks to use SWA to ship freight fast! The one stop I remember in particular was the cheesecake baker that we visited. It all clicked when they said they needed a dependable fast way to ship their cheesecakes! It seems to me we shipped to Baltimore for them. Excellent day and probably the day that ignited the salesman in me. Well, I have had an excellent career in outside sales and love everyday of it...except that desire to work for SWA again. I have worked on SWAT teams, OCR Supervisor, OKC Supervisor and Ramp agent...sadly due to some health issues my wife had, I needed to take time off with her. I came back but was started back at beginning pay and was not able to support my wife and myself. If SWA decides they want an outside sales rep to work large territories to continue to grow the SWA freight business ("Born To Ship", I might still have that T-Shirt), I would LUV to talk with you. From my early beginnings when John Dennison took me to the front of the line at the PHX Christmas party to meet Herb, to seeing my name of the fourth door on the left of the Triple Crown Plane or taking a group of Newbies to DAL and meeting Herb and our little group getting to discuss an upcoming promotion and having some input, I loved every minute at SWA. My best and continued successes to you my former family! Bryan Alldaffer Bryan Alldaffer 


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Hi @Balldaffer,


Wow! What an exciting Career you have had!


If you are interested in future positions at Southwest, we would recommend that you join our Talent Community. Best of luck!


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