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Future Career for me!

New Arrival

I am at the prime of my life and feel that Southwest would be a perfect fit for me.  I have been in the service industry all my life.  Please, contact me for a more complete and detailed discussion.  My email address is  Look forward to hearing from you.



Roxan McGill



Re: Future Career for me!

Rising Star

@roxanmcgill your enthusiasm is a great way to show interest in a new career, however you might want to put more effort into showcasing your interest and talents. I was a recruiter for a different Company and like SWA, reviewed thousands of applicants on a daily basis. My biggest suggestion is not to make the employer do all the work. Spell it out for them! What position are you looking for? What experience and education do you have that will make you successful in the position? Have you searched SWA’s career site and created a dashboard?  Are you proactive?


All great ways to professionally show your interest. 


Good luck on fulfilling your career aspirations! 


SWA Passenger, Community Champion