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Hair Requirements for Employees

New Arrival


I'm applying for a position as a Customer Service Agent and I was wondering if there are restrictions on hair colors?


I dye my hair red and it's not the most natural looking red color (photos attached), so I was wondering if that was going to be a problem?


It does tend to fade and have an orange/red color to it which gives it a little more of a natural appearance but that is after a month or two. Also how do we have to wear our hair, I'm just curious. That part doesn't really matter to me but I can't seem to find info about how we should wear our hair, or any restrictions anywhere.




Please reply only if you know for sure the answer to my questions. I have seen a couple of threads where people have responded based on what they think, or what they personally would like to see. While I respect everyone's right to an opinion I would very much appreciate it if I could have information that reflects the views of Southwest Airlines and only their views, thank you!




(2nd photo is immediately after dyeing it.  That color only lasts about 2-3 washes. After that it goes to the color in 1st picture. Then after a month it changes completely.) (I can maybe post a photo of it after it fades if that helps?)