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Help with hiring process.

Explorer B

I had my virtual interview on the 10th of January and accepted a contingent job offer.  I have submitted my background forms online as well on the same day.

My question is, when should I get information on when to do the fingerprints and drug screening? I have not gotten any emails or phone calls about them, or when the background check will start.


Thank you everyone!


Re: Help with hiring process.

Explorer A

You should hear back soon stay optimistic! I just got through that process last week. Took them a week or so to get back to me after I signed the acknowledgments to set up my fingerprint and drug screening. Now I’m waiting to hear back since Iv completed those! Good luck and stay patient 

Re: Help with hiring process.


Congratulations, @Fluker96! I'm glad to hear you'll be joining the SWA family! @Lserna was spot on, you should get more information in a week or two with next steps. The background process usually takes 3-6 weeks depending on what career you're starting. Always feel free to email your recruiter if you have any questions on the specifics of your onboarding process!

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Re: Help with hiring process.

Explorer C

Is it normal for 4 weeks to have gone by for hiring process ,and the portal still says I’m progress ?

Re: Help with hiring process.

Frequent Flyer C

Yep! Be patient with the process - you have not been forgotten about! 🙂