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Hey Everyone!

     I am a junior in high school and recently found out about Southwest's Campus Reach programs. In the past, I have seen high school internship positions for Dallas and Dallas only, but this year I noticed that they are expanding the program across the country to various airports. Unfortunately, for me, my home airport is Oakland and it was not one of the lucky few that will be hosting the High School Internship. I don't even think any California airports were selected and that was a shock to see, especially since OAK and LAX are both crew bases. Unfortunately, since I’m a junior this year, I wont be able to participate next summer (2020) if WN expands the program to OAK, SFO, or SJC. I have a passion for the travel industry and hope to work in the industry one day, and this internship would have been amazing to participate in. Seems like so much hands on experience and learning involved. So fun! Hopefully things will change next year and graduating seniors will be able to participate in the program as well. (Or maybe, someone can call the folks at Oakland and get a last minute summer internship program going 😉) If anyone knows of any way that I can be apart of some internship, co-op, shadow program, or anything in between with Southwest, either this summer or in the future (other than college), I would love to know!

Thanks y'all!


- Ryan


Re: High School Internship


Hi @ryancbean2001,


Thank you for your passion and enthusiasm for our High School Internship Program!  Although we aren’t currently running the program in California, it’s definitely on our roadmap!   We know you won’t be eligible next year for this program, but we would LUV for you to reach out to us at in the meantime!


Talk to you soon!


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