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Highest level of education question

New Arrival

During the application process I chose "other" when asked my highest level of education because I attended Cosmetology School after High School graduation.  I imediately received a thanks but no thanks email.  I'm realizing now that it may appear that I didn't graduate from High School.  Is there a way to be reconsidered for the Flight Attendant job?


Re: Highest level of education question

New Arrival

I hope that you were not looked over for that . In the application process they asked if you have a diploma or GED . Good luck 🍀 

Re: Highest level of education question

New Arrival

I don't think you have anything to worry about cause cosmetology education is typically  considered as post-secondary education and you still need a high school diploma to apply for licensure.





Re: Highest level of education question

Rising Star

When applying for a position, keep in mind you only want to apply education that is required for the job. Unless SW is looking for someone with cosmetology experience, your high school diploma is your highest education. 

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