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Hiring Freeze?

New Arrival

Hi There,


I was wondering if Southwest Airlines has a hiring freeze going on now. I have been checking the website for a few months now, and every category keeps showing zero openings.


I am specifically interested in becoming a Reservation Specialist. I live in ABQ, NM. And I do know that they have had this feature available in my hometown in the past (there is evidently a call center here, although Southwest does seem to be pretty tight-lipped about where their call centers are located around the world).


A couple of years ago I had been pursuing this career path, and was being considered by Southwest for a career in this regard however, at some point the application/interview process somehow stalled mid-way through.


Thanks for any info!


Re: Hiring Freeze?

New Arrival

In case you're wondering, this is what I am talking about:




And .......




Re: Hiring Freeze?

Top Contributor

Every airline in the world is looking to shed employees because so  few people are flying, which translates to fewer planes in the air and fewer employees needed.


Southwest has never had an involuntary layoff in it's history of 45+ years. It has been offering employees financial packages to leave the airline's employment. in order to avoid one now.


Perhaps the reason the website shows no available positions is because there are none. I don't expect that to change anytime in the near future.


Keep checking. Maybe opportunities will occur in 2021. Good luck.