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Hiring Older People

Explorer C

Hello! I will be retiring from teaching in 3 years and want to go back to being a FA. I was one in my 20's for United Express, aka, Presidential. Do you hire older people? I feel as if we have work and life experiences that brings benefits to the job. Thank you!


Re: Hiring Older People

Frequent Flyer A

Age cannot be considered when hiring as it is illegal.  The exception is where the position has age as a limit and meets Federal guidelines.  An example is a new enrollee at the FBI where the age is limited to 37.

Re: Hiring Older People


Hey there, @CathyS


I love that you're interested in spending your golden years with us, as a Flight Attendant! We'd be honored to have you, and I'm sure your experience teaching would be of great use in working with our Customers. You're more than welcome to apply when the time comes!

Re: Hiring Older People

Explorer A

Hi, I am in a similar situation but I've been a School Counselor for 37 years, now retired.  Did you hear back on your Post?

Re: Hiring Older People

Aviator C

@cbello5  see post above yours.