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Hiring Process

Explorer C

Hello I received my offer letter July 28th for a ramp agent But I still haven’t gotten a email for a drug test and fingerprints should I be worried? 


Re: Hiring Process

Adventurer C

No, don’t worry. I also received my offer on 8/1/22 and still haven’t received my drug or fingerprints email. I was told by the recruiter this week that they’re backed up and it might take a couple more weeks. So hang in there!  

Re: Hiring Process

Explorer A

Hi,  I received my offer letter on July 15, I still have not gotten emails for background, drug or fingerprints yet.  However I reached out to a recruiter who said I’m in the employment screening phase and when the Background team gets to my file they will communicate by email or dashboard.  So i guess we should just continue to check emails and candidate home page for any updates.  Hope all goes well.

Thanks for posting!😊