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Hiring Process

Explorer C

I had my interview earlier today and was offered the position immediately after the interview was done with. I am a DACA recipient and I'm not sure which option to choose for on the onboarding national ID section. I've reached out to my recruiter but I'm assuming they are still running through interviews. Has anyone had to deal with this for their onboarding process?


Re: Hiring Process

Adventurer A

That's a really good question for a recruiter. I would suggest contacting one of the recruiters that have been in communication with you for scheduling your virtual interview or possibly the recruiter that sent the email CJO. If they don't have an answer they could direct you to who does. 

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Re: Hiring Process

Explorer C

Do you know a way to get a hold of a recruiter or there info. I applied for the remote position and I’m really anxious to know what’s going on with my application.  Any help would help a lot 

Re: Hiring Process

Frequent Flyer C

Hi @Laylazidane. Once you get the call screen email you should receive contact information. Before then, it's very difficult to try and get in contact. Even after your call screen, communication is difficult to initiate because the recruiters are so busy with so many candidates to process and with all different aspects of the hiring process. They will get in contact with you when there is any information to relay (you can't call and find out what number you are or what number they are currently processing, but would be nice).  If you haven't heard anything it's because there is no information available for us. As long as you are "In Process" you are still a candidate. Applications are processed in the order they were received, so if you haven't heard anything yet, it's because they haven't got to you yet. I am in the same situation, I know it's difficult to keep waiting for so long, but hang in there. If we are fortunate enough, they will get to us. Seems the single most important thing in this hiring process is to get your application in first. Good luck to you!