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Hiring for flight attendants

New Arrival

Hello SW, I was wondering like everyone else is I'm sure, when are you going to be looking for new recruits for your fabulous Inflight team. SWA People are the best. Regards, James Shover


Re: Hiring for flight attendants

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Uh-huh, No, I don't think so.. They disregard for who I am. I have been doing this for the past 4 years and I do find this SWA incredible difficulties.


I had to ask the ACT online and they are not helping me neither.


Re: Hiring for flight attendants

Rising Star

@Shover64 I’m not sure when SW will post for FA, so I suggest that you sign up on SWA’s career site to be notified when the posting hits the site. 


To be notified:


I can tell you have the right attitude going into this long and hard process.  Don’t let negative comments on the discussion boards get in the way of your career aspirations. 


Good luck! 

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