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Re: Hiring for flight attendants

New Arrival

Good Morning! I am also extremely interested in the position. I recently graduated with my bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management and have quite the urge to travel and explore, all while assisting guests! Is there any way I could get extra information as well?

Re: Hiring for flight attendants

New Arrival

How can I fill out the profile?

Re: Hiring for flight attendants

New Arrival

I wanna become a southwest flight attendant how do I go about applying it says the server is temporarily shut down 

Re: Hiring for flight attendants

New Arrival

Good Morning,


when will the next opening be offered for FA’s? 

Hiring for flight attendants

New Arrival

Hello! My name is Nicholas and I am interested in spreading the LUV by working for Southwest as a flight attendant. I have a question regarding the applications. What kinds of things do the reviewers like to see on applications or resumes? Also, how can I increase my chances of being offered an interview? 

Re: Hiring for flight attendants

Rising Star

@Nicksings99 My personal idea of a flight attendant is one who loves working with people. One who always has a positive and “can do” attitude.  Loyalty to the airline is important and goal of a long term investment in your career. Along with the love of people one who can deal with any situation that may arise including emergencies. People first! 


So to recap, my personal top five are: 


1. Love of People = Customer Service 

2. Leadership

3. Able to handle Difficult Situations

4. Hospitality & Service Standards 

5. Flexibility and Loyalty 


Good luck! 



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Re: Hiring for flight attendants

New Arrival

Hello i want to flight attendant! Im in Houston tx...igual need information.