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Hiring process Aircraft Appearance Technician

Explorer C

I applied for two jobs at southwest, I had several interviews to one of the positions but sadly I did not get the job. The other position was posted at the same time and I did not interview for it because I did not see the email for scheduling the interview. However on the southwest Candidate Home page it says


Aircraft Appearance Technician
In Process
what doesn’t this mean? I am hopeful that I still have an opportunity to work at southwest but I don’t want to get my hopes up if it’s just a glitch. It has been several weeks since I was told I did not get the other position and probably 4 weeks since my last interview. 



Re: Hiring process Aircraft Appearance Technician

Adventurer C

Unfortunately, the recruiters don't close out the requisitions in real time. I had one that said "in process" for five months. Hopefully they get better at updating candidates. It can be frustrating.